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I am still getting used to blogging. I just got a job working in a deli. i pretty much cut meat all day. Sounds exciting I know, but it might make a good story someday. I hope you will check out some of the links I have posted. These authors are very interesting to read about. i will be posting writings of my own, so you can check out some of my personal work as well. Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you will visit again soon.



Here are some authors that I have enjoyed.

51fbdo6jrwl.jpg Lois Lowry

n184472.jpg Mitch Albom

n125710.jpg Sharon Creech

4143lvtx5fl__aa240_.jpg Melody Carlson

Mitch Albom

An Author that I really enjoy is Mitch Albom. So far I have read The Five People You Meet in Heaven, and I am currently reading For One More Day. They are very well written books and I would recomend taking a look at them if you are looking for a good read.

A Writer

writing-2.jpg    I enjoy many things. I love to sing and swim, but my favorite past time is writing. Writing to me is a way to share my thoughts, and what I’m feeling. Writing is my art and my talent. One day I hope to publish a memoir, and a series of short stories. It’s amazing to me what one can create on paper. A bunch of words conveys emotion and creates a picture. A world that the reader can escape into.

swimming_pool_large.jpg   Swimming is another passion that I have. I am studying not only writing but  coaching as well. I would love to be a swim coach, because I enjoy working with young people. Swimming is another way I escape from the stress that fills my everyday life. I was on a swim team for six years along with being lifeguard and a swim instructor.


Hi this is my first blog post. Check for updates soon.

Hello world!